Credit to Joy stillings

I love people in all of their ways. Being unique is God’s design. I am fascinated by the intricate ways that life presents beauty. The strongest moments in life are sweet, romantic, hysterical, and even sad. These moments that bond us, can pass by in an instant, but a photograph will hold it for generations.

The first time I picked up a camera, I was a small child. Once I realized that, that plastic box could give me a photo that, at any point, could remind me of my feelings at that specific moment, in that house, with my pets, my family, I was hooked! My eye was developed from a young age by years of sifting through baskets of pictures that my father had taken. It created a lifelong passion and pursuit for me. I began my journey learning in the dark room. There is something magical about the darkroom. I continued my education in the photojournalism program at Western Kentucky University. Go Hilltoppers! Photography has become a beautiful avenue for me to be a part of many lives, allowing me to be with them along the way of life’s many changes.

* Believer * Nature lover * Laugher * Foodie * Traveler * Adventurer *